What is Street Style ?

Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots streetwear. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers.

The “street” approach to style and fashion is often based on individualism, rather than focusing solely on current fashion trends. Using street style methods, individuals demonstrate their multiple, negotiated identities, in addition to utilizing subcultural and intersecting styles or trends. This, in itself, is a performance, as it creates a space where identities can be explored through the act(ion) of dress.

Bill Cunningham (American photographer) for The New York Times, pointed street style out as a keen catalogue of ordinary people’s clothing. Also, he mentioned that streets tell a great deal about fashion and people, if you listen. According to him the best fashion show is coming to life every day on the streets.

a group of girls walking over the street at the mercedes benz fashion week in berlin 2017

Street style is an incredibly viral, instant, addictive facet of fashion that has changed many of the ways in which fashion is made and consumed. Its fast characteristic links it also to the term consumerism. Given how styles change over time, it also challenges the use of “fast fashion” in relation to the purchasing and wearing of clothing, as this conceals the complexities of practice

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